Effective training resources are built around the safety, compliance and operational goals of a company. Over the years, we have worked in many different workplace settings, and have considerable experience in developing a wide range of training resources to achieve specific training goals.

Our development approach is based on adult learning and competency-based learning theories (more info...). Resources are developed to address the specific learning behaviors of adults, and are designed to help the learner master the information.

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Safety and
Compliance Resources
Visitor and
Contractor Orientation
General Knowledge

Safety and Compliance Resources

Use our resources to train your workforce on a wide range of safety compliance issues. These resources can be customized to include site-specific photos and video, as well as procedures that are unique to your workplace. The programs can be used for initial training and annual reviews as required by corporate standards and applicable regulations.

Blood-borne PathogensBloodborne Pathogen Awareness Chainsaw SafetyChain Saw Safety Confined Space TrainingConfined Space Contractor Safety TrainingContractor Safety
Electrical Safety TrainingElectrical Safety Elevated Work PlatformsElevated Work Platforms Ergonomics TrainingErgonomics Fall Protection TrainingFall Protection
Fire Safety TrainingFire Safety Forklift Safety TrainingForklift Safety HAZCOM TrainingHazcom Hearing Protection TrainingHearing Protection
Hoist Safety TrainingHoist Safety Lock-out Safety TrainingLock-out Mobile Crane Safety TrainingMobile Crane Safety MSI AwarenessMSI Awareness
New Hire OrientationNew Hire Orientation Oxy-Acetylene Safe HandlingOxy-Acetylene Safe Handling PPEPersonal Protective Equipment Respiratory ProtectionRespiratory Protection
Safety OverviewSafety Overview Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)Transportation of Dangerous Goods Visitor SafetyVisitor Safety WHMIS Safety TrainingWHMIS

Job-specific Resources

Resources can be developed to meet any site-specific job or task. We use a systematic approach to identify hazards and safe operating procedures associated with a given job.

  • Safe Operation Modules/Manuals provide an effective introduction and periodic review of the key hazards and safe work practices for specific jobs or tasks. All photos and video included in these resources show your employees in their work environments demonstrating key concepts and safe procedures associated with their jobs.
  • On-job Checklists provide an effective step-by-step resource designed to guide both the trainer and trainee through the training process. Using this measurable and objective resource, trainers and supervisors can determine when an individual is competent to perform a job.

Input from experienced and qualified personnel at your site is a crucial step in the training resource development process. Through our experience, we have found that employee involvement ensures that resources will be relevant, thorough and employee-owned and accepted. Required information is gathered from your personnel in focused sessions designed to maximize input and minimize your time commitments.

Visitor/Contractor Safety Resources

A key priority at all sites is ensuring the safety of everyone not only employees, but also visitors and contractors while they are on-site.

We have assisted many companies to develop visitor/contractor site safety orientations for use at plant site entry points. These orientations can be delivered over the web, complete with a knowledge evaluation and a certificate of completion. This delivery option ensures visitors and contractors have the required information before they enter your site.

General Knowledge Resources

We have developed several general knowledge programs designed to increase the employee's knowledge level of various aspects of the business. Knowing more about certain processes might be a specific job requirement, or it may simply help employees understand their roles better and perform their duties more effectively.

Employee OrientationEmployee Orientation Environmental AwarenessEnvironmental Awareness Lumber ManufacturingLumber Manufacturing
NLGA GradingNLGA Grading Sawmill GradingSawmill Grading Veneer GradingVeneer Grading
OSHA Regulatory Compliance Training ResourcesOccupational Health & Safety
Compliance Training Resources

Any of these programs can serve as a template for creating site-specific resources.