We can analyze your training needs, assess current practices and work with you to develop a comprehensive training and risk assessment system for your workplace. Whether you need help to get a training system off the ground, or need guidance on how to best integrate resources into an existing training environment, our consultants bring over 40 years of experience to each project.

We provide expertise in:

  • Analyzing training needs
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSAs)
  • Job Analysis and Mapping

Analyzing Training Needs:

  • Reviewing effective uses of existing training systems and resources.
  • Check that systems meet compliance requirements — according to OH&S regulations and company policies.

Job Safety Analysis

  • We can assist you to break down an employee’s daily routine to identify those tasks that present the greatest risk, analyze those tasks, and if necessary, help to develop safe procedures.
  • We can also assist to prepare critical task analysis and risk assessments for specific jobs and tasks.

View our Electronic Risk Analysis Chart

  • Our unique approach to analyzing job responsibilities is also an effective way to review supervisor and staff functions responsibilities and verify efficiencies as well as look for overlaps and duplication.
  • We use this method to provide accurate and specific job descriptions, in addition to job training programs.