Our development approach is based on adult learning and competency-based learning theories. Resources are developed to address the specific learning behaviors of adults, and are designed to assist the learner to master the information.

Our training resources meet the following criteria:

  • Clear instructions outline how to best use each resource.
  • Learning objectives are presented at the beginning of each section.
  • Content presented applies or relates directly to the identified objectives.
  • Resources are highly visual. Photos, video, graphics, and animations are used to demonstrate key concepts and safe practices to assist the learning process.
  • Resources are developed at appropriate language levels. All materials are written and designed specifically for intended audiences. Computer-based resources can be voiced to match the on-screen text.
  • Resources are created in sections with evaluations after each section. All computer-based evaluations are remedial and designed to assist the learner to achieve 100%. For example, when a question is answered incorrectly, the learner is automatically presented with the correct information for review and can try the question again. Successful completion of the evaluation can be linked automatically to our record-keeping system.
  • On-job checklists to evaluate competency and proper adherence to safe operating procedures.