Please contact us at 1-888-756-1101 or by email for a password for entry into the demo system.

You will need to set up your Internet browser for this demo to work properly. It takes less than a few minutes and only has to be done once for each machine you will be viewing the programs on.

  • Disable any Popup Blockers: Allow pop-ups for the entire site. You can do this from the menu bar or sometime you will be asked to do so the first time you try to access the site.
  • View/Toolbars: Uncheck any extra Toolbars you may be using (like Google or Yahoo) or any other site-sponsored bars. Checked items should be only: Standard Buttons; Address Bar; Links; and Lock the Toolbars.
  • You are done.
  • Alternately, from the login screen, click on "Click here for technical support" and follow the instructions to disable pop-ups, make the site a trusted site, and adjust your screen display (optional); or call our toll free number (1-888-756-1101) and we can walk you through the process in a couple of minutes.

There are two login screens to enter the demo site.

Login (lower case) to Demo Site:
  • Client ID: demo
  • Password: (supplied by Eclipse)
Login training/record keeping:
  • Company: Demo Company
  • Name: (Your Name)
  • Password: (supplied by Eclipse)

Once you have successfully logged into the system, continue to the training menu or explore the record-keeping system at your leisure. This is a demo site so feel free to enter/delete records, print reports, and view training. An excerpt of the WHMIS program is under Safety Training in the “Training” menu.